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Hong Kong TWC 2008

SICOT Diploma Examination 2008 

The sixth SICOT Diploma Examination took place at the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine during the SICOT/SIROT 2008 XXIV Triennial World Congress and consisted of a written part and an oral part.

The written part comprised of 100 MC questions based on the Hyperguide and lasted two hours from 10.00 to 12.00 on 25 August 2008.

The oral part, also lasting two hours, took place on the afternoon of the same day in two slots from 12.30 to 14.30 and from 15.00 to 17.00. Each candidate was examined by two examiners in each of the four major subjects:

- Adult Orthopaedics and Pathology (30 minutes)
- Trauma (30 minutes)
- Children and Hands (30 minutes)
- The Basic Sciences (30 minutes)

Congratulations to the following successful candidates, who are entitled to include the words "Dip. SICOT" after their names.

  • Kumar Shantanu Anand (India)
  • Abdulaziz Bahlool (Saudi Arabia)
  • Sughran Banerjee (United Kingdom)
  • James Barnes (United Kingdom)
  • Akshay Goel (India)
  • Ravisankar Kirubanandan (United Kingdom)
  • Devdatta Neogi (India)
  • Manjunath Pai (India)
  • Sanjay Purushothamdas (United Kingdom)
  • Senthilvelan Rajagopalan (United Kingdom)
  • Arungeethayan Rajniashokan (United Kingdom)
  • Murali Krishna Sayana (Ireland)
  • Yousaf Shah (United Kingdom)
  • Abhijeet Shroff (India)
  • Kiran Kumar Singisetti (United Kingdom)
  • Turab Syed (United Kingdom)
  • Emal Wardak (Afghanistan)
Arungeethayan Rajniashokan and Emal Wardak were granted the German SICOT Fellowship, which offers them the opportunity to visit well-known German orthopaedic centres for a period of four weeks. The fellowship is kindly provided by the German Section of SICOT.