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SICOT e-Newsletter

Issue No. 64 - January 2014


20th SICOT Trainees Meeting

Maher Halawa
SICOT National Delegate of Egypt - Cairo, Egypt

The 20th SICOT Trainees Meeting was held within the activity of the Egyptian Orthopaedic Association (EOA) meeting in Cairo, Egypt, on 16 December 2013. The EOA offered to host the SICOT Trainees Meeting on a yearly basis for the last 3 years.

It was a successful day, well-attended by both trainees and consultant staff. Prof Ashok Johari from India (Chairman of the SICOT Education Committee) was present, as well as Prof Werner Knopp from Germany and consultants from Sudan.

The scientific meeting comprised 15 papers by trainees and four lectures by Hatem Said, Khaled Emara, Ahmed Abdel Azeem and Maher Halawa.

Hatem Said spoke about "Developing a career in orthopaedics" and he explained to the audience the stages of an orthopaedic surgery career from general to subspecialty. He went on to describe how to establish private practice. He added that the culture of the society can dictate the way the surgeon deals with his patients.

Ahmed Abdel Azeem gave an interesting talk about "How to give a lecture", which is a necessary skill for all trainees and senior surgeons.

Khaled Emara spoke about the difficulty that doctors face against bone setters and witch doctors in some parts of the world.

Maher Halawa spoke on the various fellowships at different SICOT training centres all over the world, which SICOT offers every year to enhance training. He asked more doctors to come forward and join SICOT, and take part in its congresses.

The presented papers showed a higher standard in research compared to previous years. The topics varied from clubfoot management, OrthoSUV for deformity correction, two-stage management of infected non-unions, prosthetic replacement for tumours of the proximal femur, to Philos plating, chronic ACJ injuries and hip FAI management. There were 2 papers by SICOT fellows about the ACL tests and traditional bone setters in Nigeria.

Three prizes of EGP 1,000 each were awarded to the best papers:
  1. Amr Atef Abdulsalam, Assiut, Egypt, "Prevalence of FAI among Egyptian young adults, part of a multicentric study".
  2. Mbute Namunguba, Kenya (Assiut SICOT fellow), "Diagnostic accuracy of the Lelli test in the evaluation of ACL injuries".
  3. Mohamed Al-Kersh, Ain-Shams, Cairo, "Comparative study between one-stage versus two-stage strategies in the management of infected, un-united fractures of the femur".