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SICOT e-Newsletter

Issue No. 64 - January 2014 

In Memoriam

Hussein Abdel Fattah (1927-2014) - Egypt
SICOT National Delegate of Egypt (1982-1990)
SICOT Vice President (1988-1990)

Prof Hussein Abdel Fattah passed away on Wednesday, 22 January this year. Prof Abdel Fattah qualified from the Medical School (Kasr El-Aini) of Cairo University, in 1952. After finishing his residency at Kasr El-Aini, he went on to be a general surgical registrar for two years in the same hospital. After that he joined the orthopaedic department under Prof Abdel Hay el-Sharkawi. He was one of few who obtained his Masters in general and orthopaedic surgery. He was then appointed to the staff of the orthopaedic department, Cairo University, where he was the most active orthopaedic surgeon in the country for decades. He owned a huge library of X-rays for cases he had done, which was admired by all his trainees and visiting professors. Infections of bone and joints was his main concern including T.B. He mastered the conservative treatment of fractures and moved on to operative management after attending an AO course in Davos. He continued to learn new techniques and to follow the orthopaedic literature until the very end. He retired form Cairo University in 1987 and continued to be a visiting professor until 1997.

He was the SICOT National Delegate of Egypt (1982-1990) and was appointed SICOT Vice President (1988-1990).

He will be greatly missed by many generations of orthopaedic surgeons.