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  • SICOT Events
    - 34th SICOT Orthopaedic World Congress - Hyderabad, India
  • - XXVI SICOT Triennial World Congress combined with 46th SBOT Annual Meeting - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

SICOT Events

34th SICOT Orthopaedic World Congress (Hyderabad OWC 2013)
17-19 October 2013 * Hyderabad, India

SICOT thanks all delegates for their participation in the Congress!

  • Awards

Congratulations to all awardees who were granted a prize at the Congress. A full list of winners can be found here.

  • SICOT Diploma Examination
SICOT also congratulates the 33 successful candidates of the eleventh Diploma Examination held on 15 and 16 October:

Anuj Chawla
Jay Deep Ghosh
Paritosh Gogna
Arvind Prasad Gupta
Chintan Hegde
Rajeev Hingorani
Mamoon Abdulmunim Ibrahim
Renjit Thomas Issac
Prajyot Jagtap
Ashish Jain
Anand Kumaroth Somasundaram
Manish Ladhania
Sandeshkumar Lakkol
Musa Muhammad
Deepak Kumar Mulimani
Sagar Narang
Andre Georges Nguene Nyemb
Rabea Odeh
Ajibola Oladiran
Temiloluwa Olufemi
Harish Palvai
Anil Patil
Kedar Phadke
Ramakanth Rajagopalakrishnan
Ravi Ranjan Rai
Vishal Rajput
Ratnav Ratan
Siddharta Sharma
Jaswinder Singh
Prasad Soraganvi
Karadi Hari Sunil Kumar
Vipul Vijay
Shah Waliullah Wali

Rajeev Hingorani and Sagar Narang were granted the German SICOT Fellowships, which offer them the opportunity to visit well-known German orthopaedic centres for a period of four weeks. The fellowship is kindly provided by the German Section of SICOT.
  • Social Programme

The Opening Ceremony featured a speech by Subroto Bagchi on "Scaling the Self" and a dance performance by the Ananda Shankar Jayant group. The Indian Night Party was held at the N Convention and included a memorable performance by the Bollywood dance group, "Unique Dance Troupe". All photos are available here.

  • Sports Programme
We thank all those who joined the Charity Run/Walk in the early morning of 19 October and helped support a local children's charity. The Cricket Match between India XI and Rest of the World XI on 16 October was won by India. Photos of these events can be found here.

XXVI SICOT Triennial World Congress combined with 46th SBOT Annual Meeting
Rio de Janeiro TWC 2014
19-22 November 2014 * Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Abstract submission and congress registration will open soon on the SICOT website!

SICOT Global Network for Electronic Learning - SIGNEL

  • Article of the Month

Metal-on-metal hip prostheses: Correlation between debris in the synovial fluid and levels of cobalt and chromium ions in the bloodstream
Dalila De Pasquale, Susanna Stea, Stefano Squarzoni, Barbara Bordini, Marilina Amabile, Simona Catalani, Pietro Apostoli & Aldo Toni

Purpose Hip prostheses with metal-on-metal (MoM) coupling can release cobalt-chromium particles and ions. The aim of this work is to verify the correlation between particles in the synovial fluid and circulating ions. Read more...

  • Case of the Month
    by Mahmut Nedim Aytekin
22-year-old male patient presented with pain below his right knee. The characteristic of the pain was dully. The pain increased at night and was relieved by aspirin or non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs. 

There was no abnormal finding during his physical examination and in his laboratory blood tests. Read more...

Fellowship News

  • Brussels University/SICOT Fellowship 
Every year FOSFOM-ULB (Bourse de soutien à la formation médicale de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles) offers trainees in medical specialties a one-year fellowship at a training hospital of Brussels University. The candidates are selected jointly by a Jury of Faculty Members of Brussels University and of local universities that have a convention with Brussels University. Read more...

Articles by SICOT Members

  • Women in Orthopaedics
    by Ratna Johari Maheshwari

It was just over 150 years ago that Elizabeth Blackwell, a determined young girl, became the first American woman to gain admission to medical school. She did so in spite of popular prevailing theories of those times which proclaimed that women seeking education in medicine would develop "monstrous brains and puny bodies and abnormally weak digestion". Read more...

Courses by SICOT Members
  • Assiut Shoulder Arthroscopy Course
Surgeons with good knee arthroscopic skills wishing to start or already performing shoulder arthroscopy are invited to attend the Assiut Shoulder Arthroscopy Course in Assiut, Egypt, from 1 January to 3 January 2014. Places are limited to 20, so please book early. Read more...

Industry News
  • Exhibitors and Sponsors of Hyderabad OWC 2013

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