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SICOT e-Newsletter

Issue No. 52 - January 2013


The SICOT Newsletter Editorial Board - Thank you

Hatem Said
Editorial Secretary

Last year we started a new era in the SICOT Newsletter (NL). A new Editorial Board was formed which came with new ideas, sections and material. The new Board was formed of four active new members: Ahmed Abdel Azeem (Egypt), Kamal Bali (India), Bassel El-Osta (United Kingdom) and Syah Bahari (Malaysia). In addition we have two senior members: Mr Tony Hall (United Kingdom), who is responsible for the Article of the Month from the International Orthopaedics Journal, and Prof Maximilian Rudert (Germany), who has laid down the guidelines for the Case of the Month, and whose department in Würzburg has contributed a lot with very interesting cases. Of course, the main burden of Editorial Production lies on Linda Ridefjord who coordinates all these efforts into the final newsletter that you receive.

This year the Newsletter had new sections like:

  1. The Debate: in which we discuss two opposing sides of a medical topic with each writer supporting his view with evidence from the literature.
  2. Training Around the World: in which we asked trainees to explain their training system, to give more insight for other countries and to see the similarities and differences.

We continue to have successful sections such as:

  1. Case of the Month: in which an interesting case or technique with a message is described with its management.
  2. Worldwide News: an interesting article from orthopaedic journals is reviewed and analysed to our readers.
  3. Fellowship News: as the SICOT fellowship programme gains more popularity, and with an increasing budget, we are happy to publish the fellows’ reports and to share their experience with other SICOT members.
  4. SICOT News: news about the society and upcoming events.

With an increasing number of recipients, the Electronic NL now reaches 25,000 readers online, in addition to the four printed versions that are distributed with the International Orthopaedics Journal.

We plan to introduce new sections in 2013 as we plan to expand the editorial team with more members.

We always welcome articles, suggestions and feedback on the NL, which can be sent to or posted on our SICOT Facebook page.

I can only conclude this with a big Thank You to all the editorial team and an appreciation for the great effort they have put in to create this wonderful Newsletter.

Ahmed Abdel-Azeem

Syah Bahari

Kamal Bali

Bassel El-Osta

Tony Hall

Maximilian Rudert