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Prague TWC 2011


Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Fractures Around the Knee

Moderators: Vilmos Vécsei (Austria), James Waddell (Canada)

Fracture around the Knee - introduction
Vilmos Vécsei (Austria)

Periprosthetic fractures - diagnostic and current concepts
James Waddell (Canada)

Treatment option in the treatment of distal femoral fractures
Dariush Gouran Savadkoohi (Iran)

Experience with the 95° blade plate in the treatment of distal femoral fractures
Jan Bartonicek (Czech Republic)

Patella fracture treatment options: from arthroscopy via screws and wire until resection
John Keating (United Kingdom)

Tibia plateau
Reinhard Schnettler (Germany)

TB spine - Current Evidence for Treatment Strategies 

Moderator: Anil Jain (India)

Diagnosis before a clinical deformity
Sudhir Kumar (India)

TB spine in adults - treatment principles
Sudhir Kumar (India)

TB spine in children
Anil Jain (India)

Principles of deformity correction in TB spine
S. Rajasekaran (India)

Therapeutically refractory disease - treatment principles
Anil Jain (India)

HIV associated TB spine
S. Rajasekaran (India)


How to use orthopaedic databases effectively during literature search?

Moderator: Fatih Kucukdurmaz (Turkey)

Pubmed database
Fatih Kucukdurmaz (Turkey)

Cochrane database
Mohammad Sukeik (United Kingdom)

Embase database
Hakan Kıvılcım (Turkey) 

Wednesday, 7 September

Hip Arthroscopy

Moderator: Vikas Khanduja (United Kingdom)

History of Arthroscopic Surgery of the Hip
Richard Field (United Kingdom)

Gaining Access to the Central and Peripheral Compartments of the Hip
Vikas Khanduja (United Kingdom)

Arthroscopic Anatomy of the Hip Joint 
Tom Ludvigsen (Norway)

Indications for Arthroscopic Surgery of the Hip
Tony Andrade (United Kingdom)

Pathoanatomy and Arthroscopic Management of Femoroacetabular Impingement
Michael Leunig (Switzerland)

Arthroscopic Management of Articular Cartilage Lesions in the Hip
Andrea Fontana (Italy)

Extra‐articular Hip Endoscopy
Emmanuel Audenaert (Belgium)

Arthroscopic Management of Instability of the Hip
Ernest Schilders (United Kingdom)

Learning Curve for Arthroscopic Surgery of the Hip
Fares Haddad (United Kingdom)

Rehabilitation following Arthroscopic Surgery of the Hip
Richard Field (United Kingdom)

Complications following Arthroscopic Surgery of the Hip 
Athanasios Papavasiliou (Greece)

Vikas Khanduja (United Kingdom)

Natural Disasters - Amputation: when, how and after

Moderators: Maurice Hinsenkamp (Belgium), Joel Bost (Belgium)

Amputation in emergency, indications, techniques, the MSF Experience
Patrick Herard (France)

Amputation in natural disasters and mass casualties: staged approach
Nikolaj Wolfson (United States)

Amputation: how to face challenging problems in a precarious environment
Sylvain Rigal (France)

Amputation in Natural Disaster in Pakistan
Syed Awais (Pakistan)

Rehabilitation: from preoperative planning to home
Didier Demey (Belgium)

Thursday, 8 September

Modular Stem Prosthesis of the Hip

Moderator: Tomas Trc (Czech Republic)

Karl-Heinz Widmer (Switzerland)

Safe "positioning" in hip arthroplasty
Karl-Heinz Widmer (Switzerland)

Advantage of modular stem
Ulrich Dorn (Austria)

Possibilities of modular stems
Tomas Trč (Czech Republic)

Frank Rauhut (Germany)

Discussion and Conclusion
Karl-Heinz Widmer (Switzerland), Ulrich Dorn (Austria), Frank Rauhut (Germany)

High tibial osteotomy

Moderator: Thami Benzakour (Morocco)

Indications and Pre-op planning
Hatem Said (Egypt)

High tibial wedge osteotomy for medial knee arthritis
Thami Benzakour (Morocco)

Evolution of open-wedge high-tibial osteotomy: experience with a special angular stable device for internal fixation without interposition material
Alex Staubli (Switzerland)

Opening wedge tibial osteotomy for large varus deformity
Philippe Hernigou (France)

Tailored HTO: which technique for whom?
Semih Aydogdu (Turkey)

Complications of closing wedge high tibial osteotomy
James Waddell (Canada)

Cartilage Repair

Moderators: Pedro Guillen (Spain), Stephen P. Abelow (United States)

Autologous Chondrocyte Implantation - Concept, Science, and 20-year Experience
Lars Peterson (Sweden)

Stem Cells - Concept and Applications in Articular Cartilage
Mats Brittberg (Sweden)

MACI - Matrix Autologous Chondrocyte Implantation: Nine Year Experience and New Science
Stephen P. Abelow (United States)

Hyalograft and Biomimetic Constructs and New Science
Elezaveta Kon (Italy)

ACI with Collagen Type I Hydrogels
Ulrich Noth (Germany)

How to Write and Publish a Paper

Moderator: Frank Horan (United Kingdom)

How to write a paper
Frank Horan (United Kingdom)

How to evaluate a paper
James Scott (United Kingdom)

Evaluating different types of papers in Orthopaedic Literature
Marius Scarlat (France)

International Orthopaedics – today
Marko Pećina (Croatia)

Questions and answers

Lengthening of upper extremity using external fixator

Moderator: Tomas Trc (Czech Republic)

Complication in humeral lengthening of achondroplastia patients
Klimov O., Anna Majorovna Aranovich (Russia)

Femoral lengthening
Konstantin Novikov (Russia)

Repeated lengthening for correction of short stature
Anna Majorovna Aranovich (Russia)  

Correction deformities of upper and lower extremities 
Sergey Muradisinov (Russia)

Friday, 9 September

Paediatric Trauma

Moderator: Patricia Fucs (Brazil)

Supracondylar fractures in children 
George Thompson (United States) 

Foot and ankle fractures 
David Aronsson (United States)

Pathological fractures
John Dormans (United States)

Femur fractures
Patricia Fucs (Brazil)

Femoral neck fractures 
Peter Havranek (Czech Republic)

Ultrasound in Orthopaedics   

Moderator: to be confirmed

Current possibilities of musculoskeletal ultrasound
Lubos Hrazdira (Czech Republic)

DDH Ultrasonography Hip Screening
Reinhard Graf (Austria)

Basic principles of musculoskeletal ultrasound
Benacka O.

Punction of the joints under ultrasound control 
Petr Chladek (Czech Republic)