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SICOT e-Newsletter

Issue No. 16 - January 2010

Editorial by Prof Björn Rydevik
Conference President - Gothenburg AIC 2010

Dear colleagues and friends,

First of all, I wish you all a Happy New Year. I would also like to extend to you a warm welcome to Gothenburg, Sweden, for the SICOT/SIROT/SOF conference, 31 August - 3 September this year. The local organising committee in Gothenburg is inspired by the success of the SICOT/SIROT/RCOST conference in Pattaya, Thailand, in the autumn of 2009 and we are working hard, together with the executive committees and administrative offices of SICOT and SOF, to make the conference in Gothenburg an interesting and enjoyable educational event. The Annual International Conference in Gothenburg will be a combined meeting with SOF, i.e. the Swedish Orthopaedic Association, in the same way as the conference in Pattaya was a combined meeting with RCOST.

The abstract submission deadline (15 January) for the Gothenburg conference is rapidly approaching and we hope that we will receive a large number of abstracts for both oral and poster presentations. The scientific programme will also comprise, e.g. instructional courses, plenary lectures and symposia. The conference venue, the Göteborg Convention Centre, is well suited for our conference and is located in the city centre and within walking distance to many hotels that have been booked for the conference. Please visit for regularly updated information about the scientific programme, conference registration and hotel reservation.

I would also like to extend a special welcome to our colleagues and friends in Japan. We are very pleased that the Japanese Orthopaedic Association, JOA, has accepted that Japan will be the Friendship Nation of the conference in Gothenburg and we are looking forward to the contributions to the scientific programme by members of the JOA.

Again, you are all very welcome to Gothenburg, Sweden, for the SICOT/SIROT/SOF conference 31 August - 3 September. We will do our best to make your stay and your conference participation interesting, educational and enjoyable.

Kind regards,

Prof Björn Rydevik
Conference President