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Best wishes for 2010 to you and your family
from the SICOT Editorial Department

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 Issue No. 15 - December 2009

Gothenburg AIC 2010
Don't miss the deadline for submission of abstracts: 15 January 2010!

  • SICOT Events
    - Seventh SICOT/SIROT Annual International Conference - Gothenburg, Sweden
  • SICOT News
    - SICOT booth at AAOS 2010 Annual Meeting
  • Worldwide News 
    - Factors determining quality of life and level of sporting activity after internal fixation of an isolated acetabular fracture
    - Timing of surgery for multiligament knee injuries: staged surgeries yielded best results
    - Orthopaedics in Mongolia
  • Book News
    - World Scientific Publishing Co. - "THE KNEE - A Comprehensive Review"

Editorial by Prof Jochen Eulert
SICOT Secretary General

  • Friendship Nations of SICOT

With the aim of establishing a close and fruitful contact with the National Societies of Orthopaedics in different countries, SICOT has created a new and special kind of relationship called: "Friendship Nations".

With this distinction we want to honour the distinguished members of this particular Society on the one hand and to facilitate their attendance at a well defined congress of SICOT with an affordable price on the other.

In this spirit, SICOT offers a wide range of advantages to the officers of the selected National Orthopaedic Society as well as to the orthopaedic community of the country. Read more...

SICOT Events

Seventh SICOT/SIROT Annual International Conference
combined meeting with the Swedish Orthopaedic Association (SOF)
31 August-3 September 2010 - Gothenburg, Sweden

Please visit the SICOT website regularly for updated information about Gothenburg AIC 2010.

  • Call for abstracts

Please submit your abstracts in English via the SICOT website before 15 January 2010!

Topics: Arthroplasty, Biomaterials, Cartilage Repair, Evidence Based Orthopaedics, General Orthopaedics, Infection, Minimally Invasive Surgery, Navigation, Osteoporosis, Paediatrics, Smoking & Orthopaedics, Spine, Sports Medicine, Trauma, Tumours.

  • Registration

All participants residing outside Sweden are kindly requested to register on the SICOT website.

Svenska deltagare anmodas vänligen att registrera sig på (fr o m början av januari 2010).

  • SICOT Awards

The Australian and Lester Lowe SICOT Awards are granted to young surgeons to help them attend the Conference. Click here to find out more. 

  • Exhibition & Sponsorship

If you are interested in sponsoring or exhibiting at this event, please contact Lina Salvati or Arnold Persson:

Lina Salvati
Linsa Inc. (Canada)

Tel.: +1 514 924 3476
Skype: ripley9423
Arnold Persson
Traveko (Sweden)

Tel.: +46 70 577 35 79

Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to promote your products and services to leading international orthopaedic surgeons, traumatologists and specialists in related fields.

The Exhibition & Sponsorship Prospectus is available to download here.


  • SICOT booth at AAOS 2010 Annual Meeting

SICOT will be present at the AAOS 2010 Annual Meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana, from 9 to 13 March 2010. We invite you to visit us at booth 5411 in Hall F to find out more about the Society and what it has to offer.

SICOT Global Network for Electronic Learning - SIGNEL

  • NEW! Article of the Month

In this new section of the SICOT e-Newsletter, we will be publishing the abstract of a special paper selected from the SICOT journal, International Orthopaedics.

Activities of daily living after total hip arthroplasty. Is a 32-mm femoral head superior to a 26-mm head for improving daily activities?
Isao Matsushita, Yuji Morita, Yoshiaki Ito, Ryuichi Gejo & Tomoatsu Kimura
International Orthopaedics (SICOT) DOI 10.1007/s00264-009-0909-8

Range of motion (ROM) of the hip joint after total hip arthroplasty (THA) could be increased by using a larger prosthetic femoral head, but it is not known whether the activities of daily living (ADL) are influenced by THA with different head sizes. Our objective was to compare postoperative ADL in patients who underwent THA using a head diameter of 26 mm or 32 mm. We assessed the range of motion and the mode of performing ADL after cementless primary THA. Read more... (accessible to SICOT members only)

  • Case of the Month

A 61-year-old diabetic woman presented to our hand surgery unit with a swollen wrist. She complained of progressing pain over her right wrist and the adjacent thumb basis for 2 years, together with important limitation of the range of motion.

X-rays and arthro-ct-scan can be seen below and show two different problems: there is a peritrapezial arthritis and an associated radiocarpal arthritis secondary to a SLAC (Scapho-Lunate Advanced Collapse) wrist grade II (Watson et al, 1984).

Read more... (accessible to SICOT members only)

Worldwide News

  • Factors determining quality of life and level of sporting activity after internal fixation of an isolated acetabular fracture
    by Dr Hitendra Doshi, Young Surgeons Committee member

A recent prospective study to investigate the level of participation in sport and quality of life after surgical treatment of an isolated acetabular fracture was carried out. Fifty two patients were included in the study. Evaluation was based on clinical using the generic EuroQol-5D questionnaire and Grimby's six-grade scale. Radiological assessment was based on Matta criteria. The results revealed a significant reduction in the level of activity and frequency of sport undertaken and the Matta radiological follow-up criteria were the single best predictor… To read more (JBJS Br 2009; 91-B: 1354-9).

  • Timing of surgery for multiligament knee injuries: staged surgeries yielded best results

A recent study published in the December issue of the JBJS Am, reviewed the literature of 24 studies involving 396 multiligament knee injuries. They compared the acute management (<3 weeks), chronic management (>3 weeks) and staged procedures (involving acute and chronic surgeries). The acute cases showed more residual knee instability and flexion deficit, when compared with the chronic cases. The researchers found that the staged treatment yielded the highest percentage of excellent and good results, while still having more incidence of stiffness than the chronic cases. Read more... 

  • Orthopaedics in Mongolia

Health Volunteers Overseas (HVO) is currently advertising an opportunity for orthopaedists in Mongolia. Orthopaedic surgeons are needed for 2 to 4 weeks to train faculty and residents in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Specialty areas include pelvic and acetabular trauma, knee arthroscopy, pediatric orthopaedics, hand surgery, and other sub-specialty areas. Contact the program department for more information.

Book News

  • World Scientific Publishing Co. - "THE KNEE - A Comprehensive Review"
    edited by Giles R Scuderi (Insall, Scott, Kelly Institute, USA) & Alfred J Tria, Jr. (Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, USA)

Concise and well written (all of the contributors are experts in their own areas of specialization), this publication will serve as a useful reference book for all orthopedic surgeons around the world.

This book covers all the basics of the knee for practicing orthopedic surgeons and residents who are finishing their training and preparing for the board examinations. The text begins with chapters on the anatomy, physical examinations, and imaging, before proceeding on to pediatric considerations, arthroscopic techniques, ligament injuries, trauma, reconstructions, and the future of knee replacement surgery.

There are many textbooks on the knee but no recent one has addressed the entire area of the knee from start to finish.

Information leaflet (pdf)

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