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 Issue No. 14 - November 2009

Gothenburg AIC 2010
Don't miss the deadline for submission of abstracts: 15 January 2010!

  • SICOT Events
    - Seventh SICOT/SIROT Annual International Conference - Gothenburg, Sweden
    - Sixth SICOT/SIROT Annual International Conference - Pattaya, Thailand
  • SICOT News
    - New SICOT Membership Application Form
  • Worldwide News 
    - Hip Fractures reduced by Osteoporosis Prevention programme
    - Effect of electrical stimulation on Spinal Fusions in patients over 60

Editorial by Prof Jochen Eulert
SICOT Secretary General

From 29 October to 1 November 2009, the Royal College of Orthopaedic Surgeons of Thailand (RCOST) hosted this year's Annual International Conference of SICOT in the wonderful Royal Cliff Beach Resort in Pattaya and they did a great job. A total of 2,675 doctors attended the meeting, 1,775 from Thailand and the neighbouring countries and 900 from the rest of the world. The uncertain political situation in the months before the event certainly affected the international participation but when we were in the country all was very calm and harmonious. Read more... 

SICOT Events

Seventh SICOT/SIROT Annual International Conference
combined meeting with the Swedish Orthopaedic Association (SOF)
31 August-3 September 2010 - Gothenburg, Sweden

Updated information about Gothenburg AIC 2010 is available on the SICOT website!

  • Call for abstracts

Please submit your abstracts in English via the SICOT website before 15 January 2010.

Topics: Arthroplasty, Biomaterials, Cartilage Repair, Evidence Based Orthopaedics, General Orthopaedics, Infection, Minimally Invasive Surgery, Navigation, Osteoporosis, Paediatrics, Smoking & Orthopaedics, Spine, Sports Medicine, Trauma, Tumours.

  • Registration

Conference registration is open!

All participants residing outside Sweden are kindly requested to register on the SICOT website.

Svenska deltagare anmodas vänligen att registrera sig på:

  • SICOT Awards

The Australian and Lester Lowe SICOT Awards are granted to young surgeons to help them attend the Conference. Click here to find out more.

Please visit the SICOT website regularly for updated information about Gothenburg AIC 2010.

Sixth SICOT/SIROT Annual International Conference
combined meeting with the Royal College of Orthopaedic Surgeons of Thailand
29 October-1 November 2009 - Pattaya, Thailand

SICOT thanks all participants of the Pattaya AIC 2009 and looks forward to welcoming everyone again at the next meeting!

  • SICOT Award Winners

Click here to find out who won the SICOT Awards for 2009!

  • Photos

Photos taken during the Conference will soon be available on the SICOT website.


  • New SICOT Membership Application Form

Check out the new and improved SICOT Membership Application Form. Joining the International Orthopaedic Community has never been so simple! For more information about membership application, please send an e-mail to

Training & Education

  • 2009 German Travelling Fellowship Report

Click here to read the report of Dr Cosmas Onyedika Ihezie, who was offered the SICOT German Travelling Fellowship for 2009 and spent three months at the Orthopaedic Hospital of the University of Würzburg, which is specialised in Arthroplasty of the Hip, Knee, Shoulder and Elbow; Surgery of the Shoulder, Elbow, and Foot; Sports Injuries; Paediatric Orthopaedics.

More information about the SICOT Travelling Fellowships is available here.

Worldwide News

  • Hip Fractures reduced by Osteoporosis Prevention programme

A recent article published in the JBJS in January, reported on the results of the Kaiser Osteoporosis Prevention programme. This involved 650,000 men and women above 50, and resulted in a 38% drop in hip fractures. Researchers recommend that prescribing Calcium, Vit. D and BMD testing should be part of the daily practice.
Dell RM, Greene D, Anderson D, Williams K. Osteoporosis disease management: What every orthopaedic surgeon should know. J Bone Joint Surg (Am). 2009;91:79-86

  • Effect of electrical stimulation on Spinal Fusions in patients over 60

Researchers performed a prospective randomised controlled multicentre study to see the effect of direct current (DC) electrical stimulations on the functional outcome and fusion rates of spinal fusions in patients over 60. They randomised 107 uninstrumented fusions with or without DC stimulations. Results showed better functional outcome, SF scores, and walking distance in the stimulated group but no difference in pain scores.
Thomas Andersen, MD, PhD; Finn B. Christensen, MD, PhD, DMSc; Carsten Ernst, MD; Søren Fruensgaard, MD; Jørgen Østergaard, MD; Jens Langer Andersen, MD, DMSc; Sten Rasmussen, MD; Bent Niedermann, MD; Kristian Høy, MD; Peter Helmig, MD, PhD; Randi Holm, MD; Bent Erling Lindblad, MD, PhD; Ebbe Stender Hansen, MD, DMSc; Niels Egund, MD, DMSc; Cody Bünger, MD, DMSc
Spine. 2009;34(21):2241-2247

Industry News

  • Linvatec Shoulder Restoration System

The Linvatec Shoulder Restoration System is a comprehensive system for rotator cuff repair that supports multiple surgical techniques, facilitates secure reconstruction, and provides optimal tissue tensioning that leads to successful clinical outcomes. This innovative system permits intra-operative flexibility by providing the surgeon with the ability to choose from any of the most advanced rotator cuff repair techniques including single row, double row and transosseous equivalent fixation.

The Linvatec SRS is comprised of several components including state-of-the-art suture anchors and instrumentation as follows:

PopLok™ Knotless Suture Anchor Designed for primary and lateral row fixation, the PopLok™ is an all PEEK (Polyetheretherkeytone) anchor offered in 3.5 and 4.5mm sizes. The PopLok™ is a significant step forward in knotless technology by providing for tensioning sutures separately from anchor seating as well as for securing the sutures regardless of bone quality. The PopLok™ is cannulated to channel growth factors to the repair site capitalizing on the body's healing powers to restore rotator cuff integrity. The PopLok™ provides these advantages while affording ease-of-use second to none.

CrossFT™ Fully Threaded Suture Anchor Composed of PEEK, the CrossFT™ is offered in 4.5, 5.5 and 6.5mm sizes with multiple suture configurations. Incorporating both a fully threaded design and a dual thread profile, the CrossFT™ provides a radiolucent option with significant fixation strength and security. As with the PopLok™, the CrossFT™ is cannulated to channel growth factors to the repair site.

Super Revo-FT™ and ThRevo-FT™ Fully Threaded Suture Anchors The Super Revo-FT™ and ThRevo-FT™, both 5.0mm titanium anchors, are offered with two or three sutures, respectively. These anchors offer an excellent option for surgeons who prefer to visualize the anchor after rotator cuff repair while capitalizing on the proven Revo® design for exceptional performance. The self-drilling Revo® design eliminates a step during the insertion process to save valuable OR time.

More information at

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