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Pattaya AIC 2009

Oral Presentation Guidelines

Speaker Preview Room

The facilities in the Speaker Preview Room at the Pattaya Exhibition and Convention Hall (PEACH) will provide speakers with the possibility of:

  • reviewing their PowerPoint presentations;
  • making last-minute alterations to their PowerPoint presentations;
  • receiving expert advice from the technical staff.

To enable the staff to handle the technical aspects in an adequate way, the presentations should be prepared according to the audiovisual guidelines below. It is essential that:

  • the right format is used – PC formatted only and not Mac formatted;
  • presentations are handed in on time at the Speaker Preview Room, namely:
    • the day before the presentation, if the session is scheduled to begin before 11:00;
    • in the morning of the presentation, if the session is scheduled to begin after 11:00.

The Speaker Preview Room will be located in the Slide Preview Room at the Auditorium. It will be open during the following times:

Thursday, 29 October – Saturday, 31 October 2009 07:00-18:45
Sunday, 1 November 2009 07:00-14:00

Session Rooms

Each session room is equipped with:

  • Lectern with Gooseneck microphone (SHURE Model MX418)
  • Clip-on microphone (SHURE Model ULX-P)
  • LCD Monitor 17" with stand for PowerPoint presentations
  • Laser pointer
  • Limit timer
  • VGA Cable for the speaker's laptop

Please note that there is NO overhead projector or slide projector in any of the rooms. Should you have any problems preparing a PowerPoint presentation, please inform the staff in the Speaker Preview Room beforehand and the necessary arrangements will be made.  


  1. Please prepare your PowerPoint presentation according to the guidelines below and save it on a disk, CD-ROM or USB stick. Label the materials with your name, session name, session date and presentation title.
  2. Check in at the Speaker Preview Room:
    1. the day before your presentation, if the session is scheduled to begin before 11:00,
    2. in the morning of your presentation, if the session is scheduled to begin after 11:00.
  3. The organisers cannot guarantee projection of presentations handed in later than one hour prior to the sessions.
  4. Please be at the session room 10 minutes before the session starts to meet the moderator(s).
  5. All presentations of that session will be brought to the room and saved on the laptop on the lectern by the technical staff.
  6. Familiarise yourself with the laptop and other equipment. Technical staff will be present to assist you.
  7. Your presentation must conclude within the scheduled time.

Audiovisual Guidelines

All presentations will be presented at a resolution of 1024 by 768 pixels on a PC with Windows XP and PowerPoint XP.

  • Presentations should be prepared using PowerPoint 97 or higher.
  • Preferred page set-up: landscape orientation (portrait orientation will not be displayed properly)
  • High-contrast lettering and readable fonts (minimum font size 24) should be used.
  • High-contrast colours: light text on dark background or vice versa.
  • A maximum of seven (7) lines per slide and five (5) words per line will improve the communication value of slides.