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Pattaya AIC 2009

Faculty (at 23 September 2009)

Dr Saw AIK (Malaysia)

• Correction of stiff club foot deformity with Ilizarov method

Prof Ahmet ALANAY (Turkey) • Spinal stenosis
Dr Efe ARAS (Denmark) • Vertebroplasty & kyphoplasty versus medical treatment alone
Dr Emmanuel AUDENAERT (Belgium)

• Tailor-made surgical guides for orthopaedic applications

Prof Dr Rainer BAUMGART (Germany)

• Intramedullary lengthening nail
• Computerised motor driven system for bone transport
• Expandable tumor endoprosthesis for malignant bone tumors in children
• Reverse planning method

• Evolution of trauma surgery
Dr Thami BENZAKOUR (Morocco) • Surgical treatment of tibial plateau fractures - long-term follow-up
• Do syndesmosis lesions worsen trimalleolar fractures outcome?
Dr Vassilios BITOUNIS (Greece) • Soft tissue balancing in total hip arthroplasty
Dr Darrel BRODKE (United States)

• Revision lumbar disc arthroplasty
• Revision strategies for complex lumbar instability and deformity

Dr Laszlo BUCSI (Hungary) • MIS THR - Mini direct lateral approach - minimal or minimalised procedure?
Prof Cody BÜNGER (Denmark) • The new paradigm, fusion versus motion
Dr H.S. CHHABRA (India) • Management of prolapse intervertebral disc - a literature review
Dr Thitima CHINACHOTI (Thailand) • The role of regional anesthesia for orthopaedic surgery in patient outcome
Dr Pascal CHRISTEL (Saudi Arabia) • Pearl in ACL reconstruction
• A strategy to acute knee dislocation without neurovascular injuries
Prof Ian DICKINSON (Australia) • The Australian National Joint Replacement Registry
Dr Michael DIEFENBECK (Germany) • Vascularised bone allotransplantation
Dr Erik ERIKSEN (Norway) • Clinical controversies in osteoporosis treatment
Dr Serge FERRARI (Switzerland) • Clinical update in osteoporosis treatment
Dr Peter GHOSH (Australia) • Application of stem cell for degenerative musculoskeletal disease
Prof Dariush GOURAN SAVADKOOHI (Iran) • Results of using reconstruction nail in the treatment of fibrous dysplasia
Prof Thamer A. HAMDAN (Iraq) • The pattern of cervical disc prolapsed in the south of Iraq
Prof Rune HEDLUND (Sweden) • Fusion Techniques! Does it make a difference?
Prof Dr Gunther HOFMANN (Germany) • Vascularised bone allotransplantation
Dr Dankward HÖNTZSCH (Germany) • Tips and tricks for external fixation in deformity correction
Prof Gamal HOSNY (Egypt) • Pelvic support osteotomy
Dr Yushin ISHII (Japan) • Strategic surgical treatment for cervical spine lesions in rheumatoid arthritis
Prof Ching-Chuan JIANG (Taiwan) • Quadriceps-sparing, minimal-incision Total Knee Arthroplasty at 2-year follow-up – a comparative study
Dr Kang-Il KIM (Korea) • CAOS knee arthroplasty
Dr Wolfgang KLAUSER (Germany) • Modularity in revision TKA
• Trabecular metal in revision hip surgery
Prof Shoichi KOKUBUN (Japan) • Low back and leg pain related to K-point on the sternocleidomastoid muscle
• Spine surgeries in the aging society
Prof Rainer KOTZ (Austria) • 23 years experience with growing prostheses
Prof Dr Martin KRISMER (Austria)  • A direct anterior approach for hip arthroplasty - technique, potential, and critical valuation
Dr Marco LANZETTA (Italy) • Hand transplantation – world experience
• Evaluation of short fusion in idiopathic scoliosis
Dr Viroj LARBPAIBULPONG (Thailand) • Hard bearing surface
Dr Myung Chul LEE (Korea) • Hybrid fixation of prosthesis in revision TKA
Dr Burkhard LEEB (Austria) • Practical Guideline in osteoarthritis and structure modification
Prof Frankie LEUNG (Hong Kong) • Common pitfalls in ankle fractures
Prof Luis LOPEZ-DURAN STERN (Spain) • Analysis of prognostic factors in the results of kyphoplasty
Dr Sratwadee LORSOMRADEE (Thailand)

• Anticoagulantion therapy and its impact on regional anesthesia

Prof Keith Dip-Kei LUK (Hong Kong) • Classifications of adolescent idiopathic scoliosis – how good are they?
Dr Derek MCMINN (United Kingdom) • Pseudotumor in metal on metal arthroplasty
• The future of hip arthroplasty 
• Hip resurfacing
Dr Steven MEIER (United States) • Dual row arthroscopic rotator cuff repair with Healix BR and Versalox anchors: anatomy and technique
• Multiple ligament reconstruction
Assoc Prof José MORCUENDE
        (United States)
• Nonoperative treatment of clubfeet: what's the evidence?
• Treatment of DDH in toddlers
Dr Hung NGUYEN NGOC (Vietnam) • Surgical treatment of bifid thumb in children
Prof Dr Ulrich NÖTH (Germany) • Autologous chondrocyte transplantation with collagen type I hydrogels for articular cartilage repair
Prof Gholam PAJENDA (Austria) • Operative treatment of the central talus fracture
Dr Dominique POITOUT (France) • Reconstruction of the upper part of the femur with megahip prosthesis surrounded by allografts
Dr Kandiah RAVEENDRAN (Malaysia) • Acromioclavicular dislocations and fractures of the distal clavicle treated with hook plate
Dr Yong G. RHEE (Korea) • Experience in treating rotator cuff problems
• Shoulder instability: how I do?
Prof Dr Maximilian RUDERT (Germany) • Total hip arthroplasty in D.D.H: the cranial socket system
Prof Galal Zaki SAID (Egypt) • Management of recent and neglected fractures of OS Calcis
Prof Ifran SALEH (Indonesia) • Sagittal plane correction in severe kyphosis of TB spine
Dr Wallob SAMRANVEDHYA (Thailand) • Surgical planning for revision TKA
Dr Federico SANTOLINI (Italy) • Ring fixator in adult
• Rotational deformity correction with ring fixator
Dr Carlos SATIZABAL AZUERO (Colombia) • Unilateral frame
• Deformity correction with unilateral frame
Dr Tetsuro SATO (Japan) • Fenestration for lumbar spinal canal stenosis
Prof Reinhard SCHNETTLER (Germany) • Pilon ORIF
Prof Frédéric SCHUIND (Belgium) • Risks of long-term immunosuppression and new perspectives
Prof Shantharam SHETTY (India) • Osteoporotic fractures – the Indian scenario
Dr Katsuji SHIMIZU (Japan) • Two staged (posterior and anterior) surgical treatment for pyogenic and tuberculotic spondylitis
Dr Theodor SLONGO (Switzerland) • Ring fixator in young patient 
• Deformity correction in children and young adult
Prof Chadwick SMITH (United States) • Medial patello femoral ligament - friend or foe?
Dr Wade SMITH (United States) • Deformity correction with ring fixator
Dr Pornpavit SRIPIROM (Thailand) • Cementless femoral stem fixation
Dr Petchara SUNDARATHITI (Thailand) • Anaesthesia and analgesia without paraplegia
Dr Mann Hong TAN (Singapore) • Alignment and balancing with navigator
Dr Yasuhisa TANAKA (Japan) • Posterior spinal shortening for tardy paralysis following vertebral body collapse caused by osteoporosis
Dr Aree TANAVALEE (Thailand)  • High flexion knee: clinical outcome at 5- to 6-year follow-up
Dr George THOMPSON (United States) • Early-onset scoliosis: who should be treated surgically and when?
• Pediatric pelvic osteotomies: indications, contraindications and techniques
Dr Masahiro TOBE (Japan) • MIS for distal radius fracture
Prof Tomas TRC (Czech Republic) • New surgical procedure for lateral instability of ankle
• Lengthening of bone on an intramedullary rod: 15 years experience
Dr Garnet Donald TREGONNING
        (New Zealand)
• Routine perioperative NSAIDs prophylaxis for ectopic bone after hip replacement surgery [HIPAID] - a randomised clinical trial
Dr Alfred TRIA (United States) • Revision TKA 
• Management of infected TKA
• Surgical technique
• Bicompartment knee arthroplasty
Prof Vo VAN THANH (Vietnam) • The surgical management by the three rods and whole pedicle construct: a safe and effective method for the 3D correction of severe scoliosis
Prof Vilmos VECSEI (Austria) • Periprosthetic fractures after knee replacement 
• Soft tissue lesions
Prof Gershon VOLPIN (Israel) • Minimal invasive fixation of fractures of the proximal humerus 
• Treatment of pylon fractures by the Ilizarov external fixation system
• Damage control orthopedics in polytraumatized patients
Prof James WADDELL (Canada) • Lisfrance dislocation and dislocation fractures
• The role of ceramic total hip replacement in the management of hip arthritis in the young adult
Prof Saranatra WAIKAKUL (Thailand) • Management of sacral and pelvic tumors at Siriraj Hospital
Dr Thanet WATTANAWONG (Thailand) • Acceptance among orthopaedic surgeons in regional anaesthesia for spine surgery?
Dr Rhys WILLIAMS (United Kingdom)

• What is new in poly today?
• New bearing in total knee arthroplasty
• Why all mobile bearings are not the same