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SICOT Travelling Fellowships

2009 Danish Travelling Fellowship Report 

Dr Yu Wang
Attending spinal surgeon, Spine Unit, Orthopaedic Department, Peking University First Hospital
Research assistant, Orthopaedic Department E, Aarhus University Hospital

Dr Yu Wang and Prof Cody Bünger

I was fortunate to be supported by SICOT to complete 3 months of orthopaedic technique training at Aarhus University Hospital, headed by Prof Cody Bünger. During this period I operated as the first assistant. Most of the operations were corrections of spinal deformities including scoliosis, some SP osteotomies and closing wedge osteotomies. The rest consisted of lumbar prosthesis insertions, 360 degree lumbosacral fusion and TLIFs. I got much experience in correcting deformities of the spine using the techniques of rod rotation, application of long arm pedicle screws, utilization of pedicle or lamina hooks and cantilever bending. I also saw neuromuscular cases and learned much about them. The entire experience will have a very positive effect on the rest of my career. It will certainly benefit my patients. During the same Fellowship period I advanced a study project on computer assisted spinal surgery under the instruction of Prof Bünger, which included evaluation of the accuracy and efficiency of the newest navigation system, percutaneous 360 degree lumbrosacral fusion using navigation, and the application of navigation for closing-wedge osteotomy. These studies will be finished within 3 years.

I appreciate very much the great opportunity which has been provided to me by SICOT. I will benefit a lot from it, and I hope that more young orthopaedic surgeons can also benefit from the SICOT Travelling Fellowships in the future.