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SICOT e-Newsletter

Welcome to the first issue of the SICOT e-Newsletter
for Society members and SICOT conference/congress participants!

Editorial by Prof Dr Syed Awais, Editorial Secretary

It gives me great pleasure to thank you for electing me to serve as SICOT Editorial Secretary for the next three years (2008-2011). It is my profound privilege to announce the launch of the "SICOT e-Newsletter" to be published on the 1st of every month starting from October 2008. The printed Newsletter, already published bi-monthly, will continue as before.

Although the addition of a new monthly e-Newsletter will increase the workload of the Editorial Secretary and the staff at the SICOT Head Office, I am confident that the quality and regularity of publication will be maintained with Hatem Said as assistant editorial secretary, Linda Ridefjord assisting in external affairs for publication, and the support of all the National Delegates.

The publication of an e-Newsletter will provide the SICOT National Delegates and SICOT members with more opportunities to publish their scientific and professional experiences and share their views more effectively and frequently.

To maintain the quality of the e-Newsletter, the editorial policy laid down for the printed Newsletter will be followed. However, the authors/contributors of the e-Newsletter will have the freedom to write what they think is right and the responsibility to guarantee the integrity of their article. Since the editorial process does not allow time for a “peer review”, the readers of the newsletter are requested not only to read the article but also to review its technical and ethical contents and publish their views in the “Letter to the Editor”.

In order to achieve the overall SICOT goals, I humbly invite all members of the SICOT Board of Directors and National Delegates to contribute by writing an editorial; country report; committee report; interesting case report; articles on young surgeons affairs, residency training programmes, issues related to professional ethics and quality assurance; news and views, as well as any other issue which you think will be of interest to others.

A Word from the Secretary General, Prof Dr Jochen Eulert

Continuous communication is an indispensable condition for keeping a scientific society alive. Thanks to IT it is today very easy for us to communicate worldwide on a personal level.

In order to support this communication within SICOT, this monthly electronic newsletter has been established in addition to the very well accepted printed one. This e-newsletter will be received by every member who has an e-mail address, as well as by non-members who have attended a SICOT Meeting and have, therefore, demonstrated an interest in the work of SICOT and might be curious about what is going on within SICOT in between the meetings. We would like to provide both members and non-members with up-to-date information every month.

The e-newsletters are consistently provided with different links, allowing the newsletters to be skimped on the one hand, and providing the interested reader with full information on the other.

We hope that you will find this electronic form of the newsletter interesting and informative.  


  • New Board of Directors

The members of the SICOT Board of Directors for the 2008-2011 triennium are:

    • President: Cody Bünger
    • First Vice President: Thami Benzakour
    • Secretary General: Jochen Eulert
    • Treasurer: Patricia Fucs
    • President Elect: Maurice Hinsenkamp
    • Immediate Past President: Chadwick Smith 
    • Vice President (Europe): Tomas Trç
    • Vice President (North America): Morris Duhaime
    • Vice President (Latin America): Federico Fernandez-Palazzi
    • Vice President (Asia-Pacific): Kandiah Raveendran
    • Editorial Secretary: Syed Awais

Hong Kong TWC 2008

  • SICOT Awards

Click here to find out who the winners of the 2008 SICOT Awards are! All winners are invited to submit their papers to the International Orthopaedics journal. To submit manuscripts online, please go to

The SICOT Awards available to attend the Sixth SICOT/SIROT Annual International Conference to be held in Pattaya, Thailand, between 29 October and 1 November 2009 are also listed on the SICOT website.

  • Plenary Speakers

Every month the SICOT e-Newsletter will be publishing a short article about each of the four plenary speakers at the Hong Kong TWC 2008. This month we will be featuring Prof Peter Herberts, who gave a talk on "CLINICAL AND HEALTH ECOMOMIC RELEVANCE OF THE SWEDISH HIP ARTHROPLASTY REGISTER". Please click here to read the article.

  • Exhibitors and Sponsors

SICOT would like to thank the exhibitors and sponsors of the SICOT/SIROT 2008 XXIV Triennial World Congress in Hong Kong for their invaluable support.

  • SICOT Fun Night

SICOT held its first Fun Night during the Triennial World Congress in Hong Kong. Eighty-five people went for a BBQ in the Hong Kong Royal Yacht Club, which included dancing and a dip in the pool! The fun continued in Club 97 in the Lan Kwang Fong area, where everyone continued to dance and have a great time.

Don't forget to join us next year in Thailand, and please remember to book early...

  • Photos

Photos taken during the Hong Kong TWC 2008 can now be viewed on the SICOT website. The albums are available in the Photo Gallery.

Young Surgeons

  • SICOT Diploma Examination

The sixth SICOT Diploma Examination took place at the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine and consisted of a written part and an oral part. SICOT congratulates the 17 successful candidates and wishes them well in their future careers. The two best candidates were offered the German SICOT Fellowship. To find out more about the 2008 SICOT Diploma Examination please click here.

The seventh Diploma Examination will be held in Pattaya, Thailand, on 29 October 2009. For further information, please send an e-mail to 

  • SICOT Travelling Fellowships

SICOT is offering 3 travelling fellowships for SICOT members every year. The fellowship enables you to visit an international centre for 3 months. SICOT provides around EUR 4,000 for each fellowship.

All SICOT members under 40 who have attended a SICOT meeting can apply! Prepare your CV and check the SICOT website and Newsletter regularly for updates on this fellowship and how to apply for travel in 2009!

  • SICOT Trainees' Meeting

The next SICOT Trainees' Meeting will be held in Kołobrzeg, Poland, from 7 to 9 May 2009. Please see below for details.

Training & Education

  • International Survey of Postgraduate Training Programmes

In order to understand the differences between “Postgraduate Training Programmes” in different countries around the world and to suggest minimum requirements, the SICOT Education Committee decided in Cairo to carry out a survey. The survey questionnaire was circulated via e-mail by the SICOT Head Office. Only a few replies were received and no analysis could be performed.

Taking advantage of the SICOT e-Newsletter, the questionnaire is now being re-circulated in the hope that more responses from different countries will enable the task to be completed.

National Delegates/Members of SICOT are kindly requested to spare a few minutes to fill in the questionnaire below and to e-mail it back to the following address:

Please click here to download the questionnaire.

Future SICOT Events

SICOT Trainees' Meeting
"Deformation and Arthritis in Elbow, Wrist and Ankle Joints - Advances in Operative Treatment"

Contact: Ass Prof Andrzej BOHATYREWICZ
Fax: 48 (91) 3126507

7-9 May


Annual International Conference
Online registration and abstract submission open today!
More information

29 October
- 1 November 2009


Annual International Conference
Combined meeting with the Swedish Orthopaedic Association (Svensk Ortopedisk Förening - SOF)

30 August
- 5 September


XXV Triennial World Congress

5-12 September 2011

Czech Republic

During its meeting on 23 August 2008, the SICOT International Council elected Dubai in the United Arab Emirates as the site for the 2012 Annual International Conference and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, as the site for the 2014 Triennial World Congress.

Editorial Department

Editorial Secretary: Prof Dr Syed Awais
External Affairs: Linda Ridefjord
Special thanks to Prof Charles Sorbie and Dr Hatem Said

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